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Trudeau reaches in the US with dying-minute alerts for democrats

Key takeaways: 

  • PM states the bill is near to issuing US House Of Representatives could have a real negative impact. 
  • PM Justin Trudeau leaves on government planes Wednesday, Nov 17, 2021, in Ottawa. 
  • Trudeau boarded to Washington for meetings at the White House. 

Canada’s Prime Minister reaches the US: 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reached in Washington DC today with an alert about legislation Democratic Lawmakers are on the cusp of advancing through Congress. 

There is no instant indication he has changed any minds. From the White House to the Senate, politicians who support the policy still seem determined to forge ahead. 

The Prime Minister reached for a two-day visit while the American legislators complete a huge budget bill that includes an electric vehicle tax credit agonizingly opposed by the United States’ trading partners. 

Trudeau increased those worries during a Capitol Hill meeting today with the leaders of the House Of Representatives and the Senate, and will once more on Thursday with President Joe Biden. 

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He mentioned them in his first public halt in the US capital, at a general forum at the Wilson Centre think-tank. 

The Prime Minister argued that the tax credit project files in the face of years of continental integration of the auto part, from the signing of the 1965 Auto Pact to the latest North American trade agreement. 

“We are a little bit concerned about the zero-emission vehicle mandates, or rebates,” Trudeau stated at the event, moderated by former U.S. ambassador to Canada David Jacobson. Source –

“That could have a real negative impact.”  Source –

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