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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

The federal government extends lockdown funds to individuals, firms impacted by capacity limitations


Key takeaways: 

  • The Finance minister wouldn’t ensure when one-time prices for seniors who had GIS clawed back would be arriving.
  • Those impacted by recent capacity constraints will now be suitable for several federal supports, the government declared Wednesday.

The federal government raises support to people affected by lockdown: 

The federal government is extending access to pandemic economic supports, as much of the nation wrestles with spiking COVID-19 diseases and fresh rules are enforced across the nation.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau declared the steps in a press conference Wednesday, in which he seemed virtually. Trudeau stated he was obeying local public health guidance after six members of his team and security point tested positive for COVID-19.

“For the Canada Worker Lockdown Benefit and the Local Lockdown Program, you’ll be able to apply if you’re subject to capacity limiting constraints,” Trudeau stated. Source –

Capacity constraints are part of recent actions set lately in several regions in reaction to rapidly increasing COVID-19 conditions. Ontario and Quebec have been especially hard-hit by the latest wave of the pandemic, with the latest beating a record latest case total Wednesday with 6,361.

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The Federal Government announces the support for the pandemic impacted peoples and businesses

Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland described that the government would be altering what they thought to be a “lockdown,” broadening the eligibility for businesses and workers. Source –

Workers in areas where governments have raised capacity constraints of 50 per cent or more will now be suitable for the Canada Worker Lockdown Benefit if they’ve lost more than half their earnings.

It means more Canadians are now capable to take benefit of the $300-per-week program.

Similarly, employers who are subject to capacity limitations of 50 per cent or more and face current-month drops in the income of at least 25 per cent can apply for the Local Lockdown Program, which gives compensation subsidies from 25-75 per cent relying on revenue loss.

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