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The Dutch are placing the Afghanistan mission below a microscope

Key takeaways: 

  • A public inquiry could decide what the battle cost and whether it obtained any of Canada’s plans.
  • Critics suggest Canada should do the same. 

The Afghanistan mission, Dutch and Canada: 

Twenty years of association in a costly war and a botched military retreat from Afghanistan last summer have indicated a political and institutional settlement in the Netherlands — the similarities of which may never occur in Canada.

It’s a soul-searching activity that the commander of Dutch troops stated he fully backs because he considers his nation has something to get from the event.

“Will this have an impact on our future missions? I hope so, because we have to have our lessons identified and our lessons learned on Afghanistan towards the future,” Gen. Onno Eichelsheim, a expert of his nation’s military operations in Afghanistan, said CBC News in a private interview. Source –

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The Netherlands is leading three separate inquiries of how the nation managed various features of the Afghanistan mission. The first tests last summer’s confused evacuation. The second takes a deeper look at the nation’s two decades of study in the destroyed south Asian country.

And the final review — which guarantees to be the usual politically accused of the three — examines what the Dutch government knew about U.S. evacuation methods and when it knew it.

The Netherlands’ access to the Afghanistan mission’s result holds in stark opposition to that of its associate Canada.

This nation has led no major, all-encompassing evaluation of its two decades of military, political and improvement works in Afghanistan. 

No projects have been declared to openly consider the evacuation of 3,700 people from the nation. Most of those evacuated in the turbulent result of the Taliban takeover were Canadian residents and military analysts.

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