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Spy company informed Trudeau China’s tactics growing more ‘complex … deceptive’

Key takeaways: 

  • CSIS states foreign intervention operations ‘have become normalized.’
  • Spy agency warning Justin Trudeau about China’s Tactics. 

China’s tactics are more ‘complex.. deceptive:’ 

As Canada’s spy company cautions that China’s attempts to twist the news and impact media outlets in Canada “have become normalized,” critics are repeating calls for Ottawa to take a considerably tougher way to foreign media intervention. Source –

The warning is included in preparation documents enlisted for Canadian Security Intelligence Service Director David Vigneault in development for a conference he had with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau beginning this year.

That conference concentrated on the growth of foreign intervention in Canada — something CSIS states have become “more complex, frequent, and insidious.” Source –

One way foreign nations — including the People’s Republic of China (PRC) — try to use pressure on other nations is by media outlets, say the documents, received through an access to information call. “In particular, PRC media influence activities in Canada have become normalized,” it states. Source –

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Spy wans Justin Trudeau about China’s tactics

“Chinese-language media outlets operating in Canada and members of the Chinese-Canadian community are primary targets of PRC-directed foreign-influenced activities.” Source –

CSIS spokesperson John Townsend stated foreign nations target both mainstream media outlets — issue publications, radio and television shows — and non-traditional online outlets and social media ways to seek their aims.

“Mainstream news outlets, as well as community sources, may also be targeted by foreign states who try to shape public opinion, debate, and covertly influence cooperation in the democratic process,” he stated. Source –

“Considering Canada’s rich multicultural makeup, foreign nations may seek to leverage or coerce individuals within communities to help influence to their benefit what is being reported by Canadian media outlets.” Source –

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