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Past Green Party councillor accuses members of party watchdog committee of slander

Key takeaways: 

  • Members of the party ombuds committee were arrested for ‘wrongly and maliciously’ issuing an inner report.
  • The founders of a leaked inner Green Party state that challenged party members of racism and transphobia are being accused of slander.

Councillor sues party watchdog: 

Beverley Eert, a past member of the party’s federal council, is seeking current and past members of the party’s ombuds and calling the committee to court. Eert worked on the governing body for four years, first below leader Elizabeth May and then under her replacement, Annie Paul.

In a statement of the case, Eert asserts that the record made various accusations “falsely and maliciously” and that the authors shared it with two dozen people in the hope that “certain recipients” would “re-publish” it publicly. Source –

The statement of appeal asserts that cases of the report were published on Slack, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and different digital platforms.

None of the accusations in the statement of claim has been confirmed in court.

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The court document names Ben Petkau, Sara Golling and Kathleen Dewitt as parties. The three authors refused to say because the topic is before the court.

The party’s ombuds and appeal committee accepts and investigates charges from party members. In April, the committee got a complaint from a party member after the Toronto Star published an article headlined: “Senior Green officials are sabotaging the first Black woman to lead a Canadian political party, ‘disgusted’ insiders say.” Source –

The committee created an inside report. In it, the committee claimed that the party’s interim executive director Dana Taylor, Eert and another federal councillor, Kate Storey, disputed that systemic racism was a difficulty within the Greens. The report also claimed that Eert and Storey produced a lethal dynamic on the federal council.

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