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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Ottawa declares $28M to help in P.E.I. potato wart situation


Key takeaways: 

  • Dealing with the U.S. in P.E.I. new potatoes has been stopped for 4 weeks.
  • Marie-Claude Bibeau states the funds will assist P.E.I. farmers impacted by a trade suspension in new potatoes with the United States.

Ottawa declaring $28 million for PEI farmers affected by trade stoppage: 

Federal Minister of Agriculture Marie-Claude Bibeau has declared a $28-million project to help P.E.I. farmers impacted by a trade suspension in new potatoes with the United States.

Bibeau declared during a virtual press conference, attended by the Island’s four MPs, on Monday morning.

“My note to farmers today is: We are here for you,” she stated. Source –

“We know farmers require explanations about what to do with their surplus product.” Source –

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) stopped dealing in new potatoes to the U.S. on Nov. 22. The action was in reaction to American worries regarding the finding of potato warts in two P.E.I. fields in October.

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Ottawa declares $28 million for farmers affected by the trade stoppage

Several potatoes will be thrashed

The $28 million will partially be committed to bringing potatoes to food banks. Money will also be open for farmers who require to eradicate surplus potatoes.

“We know that we won’t be able to shift all these potatoes and a considerable quantity will have to be disposed of in an environmentally sound manner,” stated Bibeau. Source –

“The only method to do that is to do that in the very cold season.” Source –

Potatoes will be required to be eradicated during the winter to mitigate the chance of infection spreading.

Bibeau stated the U.S. would not take P.E.I. potatoes till they witness the scientific evidence they need that there is no danger of potato warts extending to U.S. farms. On Friday, CFIA officials described a P.E.I. legislative committee the agency might not end its probe till 2023.

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