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Final-minutes coal agreement in climate deal saddens the people at COP26

Key takeaways: 

  • ‘Shocking’ interference by India waters down language on coal releases. 
  • More than 200 countries attending the UN Climate Change meeting in Glasgow accepted a controversial climate compromise. 
  • At the final minutes, high officials called a watering down of critical language about coal. 

Dying minutes coal compromise at the COP26: 

More than 200 countries at the COP26 climate meeting in Glasgow undertook a controversial climate compromise Saturday focused on keeping alive a major goal to limit Global Warming, but it contained a final minute change that several higher officials called a watering down of crucial language about coal. 

Some nations, including small island states, explained they were enormously disappointed by the change to “phase down,” rather than “phase out” coal strength, the single largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. 

“Our fragile planet is hanging by a thread,” United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres declared in a statement. “We are still knocking on the door of climate catastrophe.”┬áSource –

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Country after country has opposed earlier on the last day of two weeks of negotiations at the UN Climate Change meeting about the agreement isn’t sufficient, but they stated it was better than nothing and offers incremental progress, if not success. 

In the end, the summit smashed ground by singling out coal, however frailly, by setting the regulations for international trading of carbon credits, and by stating big polluters to return the coming year with better vows for ending emission. 

But domestic precedence both political and economic again kept countries from committing to the fast, big chops that scientists state are required to keep warming below dangerous levels that would create extreme weather and increasing seas able of erasing several island countries. 

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