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Biden may remain open to a carve-out for Canada on the electric wheels tax liens

Key takeaways: 

  • Washington could increase the credit to union-built wheels from Canada, states Scotty Greenwood. 
  • President Joe Biden shakes hands with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau while they assemble in the Oval Office of the White House on Thursday, Nov. 18, 2021, in Washington.

Joe Biden’s tax credit scheme: 

The leader of a leading Canada-U.S. business organisation states she understands the glow of an arrangement to admit Canadian firms to pass for President Joe Biden’s questionable tax credit for electric Vehicles.

“You know, I did see some wiggle place in the language and the speech we saw coming from the president as well as key members of Congress,” stated Scotty Greenwood, a retired American diplomat to Canada who’s now CEO of the Canadian-American Business Council. Source –

Greenwood told CBC’s The House in an interview opening this weekend that Biden wasn’t developed to consult with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the North American Leaders’ Summit in Washington while his $2 trillion Build Back Better act was still walking into Congress.

But she stated she saw openness in the U.S. president’s speech during a short media availability with Trudeau on Thursday in the Oval Office — complete openness to recommend that a settlement can arrive.

“So whether it’s an exception for union-made North American wheels or something like that, which enables the president to continue to reach out to his base — the union workers — or some other technicality, I think there’s a way to get through,” she stated. Source –

Biden’s bill, which was passed by the House of Representatives on Friday and now goes to the Senate, would provide users of electric wheels made in the United States by union operators a tax credit of higher to $12,500. 

Canada strongly rejects the idea, declaring it threatens the auto enterprise in this country and breaks the new North American easy deal.

Any members of the Trudeau government have suggested previously probable punishment.

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