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Passengers must check for ferry revocations due to staffing problems: B.C. Ferries


Key takeaways: 

  • A representative states several factors could direct to revocations, including COVID-19 and winter storms.
  • A B.C. Ferries representative is reminding passengers to check before they lead to the terminal as the operator is going through staffing lacks.

BC ferries might cancel some ferries due to shortages in staff: 

A B.C. Ferries representative is urging passengers to check online for probable service troubles before leading to a terminal.

Dan McIntosh states several factors could direct to sailing revocations in some ways, including workers being ill with COVID-19, seasonal cold and flu, or extreme winter storms.

Four sailings were revoked Saturday on the Queen of Cowichan between Horseshoe Bay and Nanaimo due to staffing problems.

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BC ferries announced they might cancel some sailings due to shortages in staff

McIntosh states some sailings can go forward even when there’s a lack of workers but that relies on whether the absent workers include the captain, engineers or cooks. He declares fewer kitchen teams may indicate less cafeteria service, but a ferry can’t sail without an essential team.

McIntosh states B.C. Ferries have contingency plans in position as ordered by the regional health officer to deal with a spike in absenteeism as the Omicron variant sweeps through the region, and that includes cross-training team to do other duties or deploying them to distinct locations.

“All it takes is for a few individuals to be ill, depending on the role they play on the ferries, and then all of a sudden that augments your schedules in a way that we’ve seen. And we can say, anecdotally, that because of the COVID circumstances, we know that that is affecting our staff.” Source –

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