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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Canada mandating tests for all visitors, terminating the 10-nation travel veto


Key takeaways: 

  • Canada is once again mandating all incoming visitors, nevertheless of journey length or location. 
  • Travellers must deliver evidence of a pre-arrival negative molecular COVID-19 test to enter the nation, and is terminating its travel veto on 10 African nations.

Travellers will require covid tests ere entering Canada: 

The federal government declared Friday that the revised pre-arrival testing need will come into impact on Dec. 21.

This suggests that as of next Tuesday, all visitors coming back into Canada after journeys of 72 hours or less to the United States or different international locations will have to take a PCR test in a nation other than Canada, before their organised departure.

This condition was already in position for anyone reaching into the nation from extended trips abroad.

Requested what the reason was for reinstating that power for short trips, given gestation periods, Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos stated that while it may not catch every case, it’s “an additional layer” of security for both the visitors and for those who would be revealed to them once they come back home.

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Canada to impose mandate tests for travellers after halting the 10 nation ban

In expansion to the pre-departure tests, the late previous month the government set new on-arrival testing conditions on all air tourists coming from outside of Canada excluding the U.S., due to worries over the Omicron variant.

This approach needs any visitors entering the nation to be tested upon appearance—either at the airport or in some cases given a take-home test—and isolate until they acquire a negative result. This approach has not altered. 

However, Duclos signalled that the federal government is drafting fresh land-crossing standards, including possible ramping up on-arrival testing.

Over the previous rare weeks, the federal government has been rising capacity at airports to complete the needed on-arrival tests, though they are still not at maximum capacity to administer these tests.

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