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Serial Entrepreneur Pranav Arora to Launch New Business Ideas in Web3 Space with Big Named Partners

Pranav has immersed himself in the world of Web3 as well and has many new plans to excel in this niche.

There are tons of talented beings that have been on the rise, consistently working across different sectors of the world. Among these individuals and professionals, there have been a few that have excelled beyond boundaries and have even stunned people doing that, thriving off of their innate skills, knowledge and talents. It is necessary to throw more light on the journeys of these people, who, even as young talented beings, make sure to cross every limit to get closer to their dreams and keep chasing them until they attain them all. Who better than a serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist and investor Pranav Arora to do that and enthral all with his new business ideas and plans?

Pranav Arora is a modern-day business guy from the US with Indian origin, holding modern-day business ideas, who has always made sure to work and execute on the same and never shy away from taking the required risks on the path. He began as a 16-year-old and today has come a very long way with running or being a partner at various companies, emerging as a top US-based serial entrepreneur.

As the CEO of JMTD Holdings, which is his private equity company, he supports all those industry-leading and world-class companies that need the required capital and value-added partnerships. And, with another company of his, Just Funky, the family-owned premier manufacturer of licensed and private label merchandise for the mainstream retail market, he has excelled in the retail industry. Now, he is all set to expand more, besides being the founder, head and partner at other companies across sectors.

Pranav Arora is already a part of the FinTech space with Deciph-AR and NFT Merch. The former is an AR app helping consumers connect with their favourite brands and watch their merch come alive, while the latter is an AR-driven company in the metaverse that helps companies create immersive experiences for their physical products that their customers can enjoy.

Pranav Arora (@pranavarora) will soon be announcing the launch in the Web3 space with big named partners like Dragon Ballz, Doodles, and Mutant Ape Yacht Club.

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