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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

When Creativity Inspires Couture, Adam Edelberg on His Upcoming Collection

Life is one big opportunity to create. And the inspiration to create is present all around us. From poets to scientists, individuals have always looked to their surroundings in hope of catching a glimpse of what may lie beyond. And it’s in this endeavour, in walking the extra mile of imagination, that one finds ideas that speak directly to the soul. It’s this realm that most artists hope to stir within themselves. Creationists of all kinds – homemakers, employers, artists, scientists, men of reason and men of heart – all hope to bring their most stirring realizations to life via their work. One such individual is Adam Edelberg, a designer par excellence whose upcoming collection will be raw glimpse into his artistic spirit.

Adam, who is an Assistant Designer to the German fashion designer Wolfgang Joop, has “Styled Russian Pop Starts and Eurovision” and whose proudest moment so far has been “dressing up lady gag.” His passion for fashion, rather, his passion for pushing his creative limits have helped him garner a cult following among fashion enthusiasts all over the world. He says, “Creativity is the bread for my soul. I’m thinking designs on the go. Often my designs are ready even before I put pen to paper.” His enthusiasm is infectious and his eagerness to share his process, sincere. Says he, “I find inspiration everywhere. Whether I am traveling, walking, watching a film or being around people, my mind constantly draws inspiration out of life. Nature is my muse and I also admire the new sharpness and steadiness that people are using to create the world we live in.”

Over the years, Adam’s collection has boasted of a versatile palette. He has used industrial cuts, flowing motifs, etc. with the dexterity of an expert and the curiosity of an eager mind. He adds, “All my designs are a product of my social and natural environment. Sometimes intimate, sometimes abstract, my designs are an extension and a production of my personality.” He’s especially famous for his couture designs as he’s often sought after by people who are fashionably edgy and wish their style to reflect their personality in every last stitch, so to speak. Needless to say, his upcoming collection is being awaited by many eager eyes. He says, “I’ve been working very hard in the last few months. I had the time and I had a purpose – which as always is to create something, unique – and I believe I have achieved what I’d set out to do.”

After many-a ‘couture-dry months’ Adam’s designs promise to offer something which was worth waiting for.

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