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Unflinching vision and passion have led Julia Wang, a young entrepreneur reach massive heights of success in the real estate industry.

Even in the challenging times of COVID-19, the resilience and persistence of Julia Wang helped her succeed in the real estate industry.

In the real estate industry, entrepreneurs willing to make a name for themselves must work extremely hard and be patient. They should bid their time and strike at a crucial moment, till then, work on crafting different marketing and growth-related strategies are important. One such entrepreneur, who stayed focused on her goals, showcased utmost resilience in crucial pressure, and had the patience to take a shot at the right moment and time; thereby making a name for herself is Julia Wang. Julia is one of the most recognized names on social media for the real estate industry. She is also the Founder and Broker of ‘NextGen Real Estate’ located in Houston. NextGen Real Estate is a brokerage that defines the new normal of real estate by utilizing all aspects of technology, especially online and social media channels. Julia is also known as the real estate powerhouse as she has made over $29 million in sales by the end of 2019.

Julia has purchased and sold hundreds of properties on behalf of her clients throughout Houston. As a Certified Luxury Home Specialist, she helped first-time buyers and families find their dream homes, as well as serving investors, builders, and developers such as MC2 Architects, Timeline Construction Company, Dreamscape Modern, Citywide Builders, and Imagine Modern Builders etc, to buy and sell properties. From Virtual Home tours to the weekly open house, in any aspect of the process of purchasing and sale, she goes above and beyond. The clearest picture of her devotion to fulfilling expectations is shown by all her customer testimonials. Julia says, “Online presence is more important for now than ever. And this is where I dominate, especially in an old school market like Houston.” She also invested almost all of her marketing budget online as a budding agent. Back then, this may have raised eyebrows, but her eventual rise to success serves to justify her earliest instincts.

Julia has more than 90k followers on Instagram. For her, the key core values to success are integrity, abundance, loyalty, and trust. Her mantra has always been that selling homes is about selling yourself to the same degree. And so, while “Julia Wang” is a brand focused on professional excellence, so much more has evolved organically.

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