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Three Honest Facts About Entrepreneurship That Every Budding Entrepreneur Must Know According to Gentjan Cekeli

As the world tumbles from one novelty to another, things that were held sacrosanct in the past are being questioned, thwarted, and overthrown. Past ideas about entrepreneurship are losing ground. Today, more and more young people are turning entrepreneurs. They no longer look at the corner office as something they need to wait for for a long time to occupy. One such young powerhouse is Gentjan Cekeli – the founder of JOQ Albania Media.

Gentjan’s view of entrepreneurship changes the name of the game. Here are 3 myths on entrepreneurship that Gentjan lays to rest.

Good things come to those who wait

Gentjan doesn’t believe in waiting. He is a man on the move always. ‘People wait for things to happen. They call it patience. I see it as a waste of time, money, resources and opportunity’, says Gentjan. The world today has many things to keep one occupied. Especially those in the news and media business, and Gentjan is taking full advantage of this.

People work only for money

In the old world, most people did not think beyond the idea of a steady income. They found safety in this. But for Gentjan, safety is in exploring the unknown. For him, this indicates forward movement. As the head of a news media website Gentjan is thrilled young are people working, not for the money, but to explore new territories, both within themselves and without. I pay my team well because I know that they are not in this for the money’, he quips. 

If something doesn’t work, keep grinding

Perseverance is a good thing, but not for Gentjan. He wastes no time on things that don’t work. ‘Staying on an unresponsive idea is like barking up the wrong tree,’ he says. For Gentjan, the next idea is as worthy of his attention as the one before.

Gentjan believes that it is time for a thought shift in the world of entrepreneurship. As this young livewire makes headways, we watch in wonder as the future unfolds.

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