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Redefining the body transformation industry through his path breaking aesthetic procedures is renowned cosmetic surgeon – Dr.Chad Deal.

Ambition and persistence has always resulted in success, Dr.Deal stands as a true example of it.

One must possess endurance and patience to succeed in any industry. Individuals who can help improve the lives of people in the health sector need to work incredibly hard and be patient. One such person, who remained focused on his target, showed utmost resilience in challenging times, and had the patience to take a shot at the right time is Dr.Chad Deal. The extremely talented and experienced 42-year-old plastic surgeon grew up in a modest family background. He was raised by his single mom on a military base who has to go through a lot of hardships as she had no support system at that time. His hustler attitude, combined with his quest to achieve more in life, led him to go that extra mile to enhance his career prospects.

Dr.Deal, today, is a well-known cosmetic surgeon at Southern Surgical Arts, his practice is spread across Chattanooga, Tennessee, Ooltewah, Blue Ridge, GA, and Calhoun. He has been certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (ABCS), the American Board of Facial Cosmetic Surgery (ABFCS), and the American Board of Surgery (ABS). He has outstanding talent and imaginative creativity, which is reflected in the outcomes of more than 4,800 cosmetic surgical operations and many happy patient reviews. His current business is hitting heights of prosperity, and he is grateful for it, but when he initially began his business, he trusted everyone and believed that if he always did the right thing and trusted others, the better would eventually come from them, but unfortunately, people saw it as his weakness and took advantage of his kindness. He says, “It’s not just a chess game that I love, it’s the battlefield. You’re in a competition. Even though I was a surgeon, I had to realize that I had to be as good as a businessman to be responsible for all those people who make up this business. Finally, when I changed my focus, it was then that the company began to grow.”

The comprehensive training, expertise, and passion of Dr. Deal are great assets in the cosmetic surgery sector. His sincerity is reflected in everything he does. The birth of his two sons, his company growing 50 percent in the year of Covid, and his first center of excellence in plastic surgery and body contouring in the United States have been some of the greatest moments in his life till now.

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