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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Juan Carlos Izquierdo DMD Shares the Story of Co-Founding CG Smile and Making it One of Miami’s Top Dental Healthcare Brands

From being born to a family of accountants to becoming a successful dentist and transforming the dental healthcare industry, Dr. Izquierdo has been putting a smile across the faces of his patients and fellow dentists alike. Here’s a lowdown on how he is creating a significant impact through his leading dental healthcare brand. 

Making others smile is his priority

Since he was a child, Dr. Izquierdo prioritized becoming a dentist and a successful entrepreneur. This was because of his life-long dream of putting the best possible smiles across people’s faces. He loves it when he sees his patient light up with pearly whites. 

But it was no bed of roses for Dr. Izquierdo. He attended the best courses in the United States, Brazil, and Europe to pursue smile perfection and symmetry with utmost dedication. His path of learning involved meeting different people and encountering various styles. That’s how Dr. Izquierdo was able to found CG Smile and transform it into a leading dental healthcare brand that incorporates all aspects of dentistry from functionality to aesthetics to harmony – thus providing holistic dental care. 

Dr. Izquierdo shares, “I had the intuition early on in my life where I could see that if I had to have a future in dentistry (a successful one) I will have to implement strategies that would target two major sectors – smile designs and general dentistry.” 

Leading the dental healthcare brand to new heights of success

Dr. Izquierdo claims that his center for smile design – CG Smile in Coral Gables, Florida, incorporates the highest and most advanced levels of technology. It offers highly efficient treatments such as robot-assisted implant placement. Dr. Izquierdo uses leading technology like high-tech 3D imaging scanning and tomography to treat his patients. Besides, the facility at CG Smile is state of the art in modern dentistry, which incorporates the newest technology, ideas, and features. To take it several notches higher and transform it into the most sought-after dental healthcare brand, Dr. Izquierdo has created an in-house laboratory with master ceramists on-site for same-day delivery. This particular concept is new in dentistry – Dr. Izquierdo, through his center CG Smile has pioneered it to benefit the patients and change the workflow to a more advanced and efficient one across dentistry. This allows a patient to come in and leave with a completely different smile in a matter of hours.

Given his experience and proven track record in transforming dentistry through his leading dental healthcare brand, Dr. Izquierdo’s advice is well worth considering.

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