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Dianna Hughes, alias Dee is emerging as one of the leaders in the digital space

With her creative agency, Dianna Hughes works on several projects and keeps innovating newer marketing and brand strategies to help her clients progress.

The world is run by people who failed multiple times before they could achieve the success they desired. Sometimes falling is important as it gives the individual the courage and motivation to get back up and try even harder to attain their definition of success. This is what Dianna Hughes, alias Dee believes who hails from Miami, Florida, and the one who has created a lot of buzz around her and her creative agency across the US. She says that individuals are capable of doing anything, but the main catalyst to success is that one needs to love what they do and when individuals love their work, they get the confidence and the fire to overcome any obstacle come what may.

Dianna Hughes had started her career with blogging for her passion in fashion and beauty and since then, this 30-year-old entrepreneur has never looked back. With her growing expertise in blogging, she got the chance to turn into an influencer and help people and brands increase their visibility across social media. Growth has always motivated her and seeing progression further encourages her to push more. Today, Dianna Hughes is a leading brand strategist and marketing consultant that primarily focuses on fashion and beauty companies, along with being an extremely talented content creator.

Her experience as an influencer has helped Dee a lot in her career as an entrepreneur so far, which has helped her create strategies and marketing plans that give her clients organic followings and visibility. Her influencer side experience is also what keeps her unique in this vast industry. Though she isn’t sure if there is any specific formula to success, she does believe that a trait to becoming successful is consistency and highlights that if individuals are consistent in doing what they are passionate about, they will meet the success they desire.

Dianna Hughes’ favourite part of being an entrepreneur is conceptualizing ideas for herself and her clients and seeing them come to fruition. For the future, Dee plans to grow her business by focusing on scalability and creating processes that will allow her and her team to efficiently take on more projects. She emphasizes on the quality of work and believes that people can earn more projects as far as people can deliver the best quality work.

To get connected with her, follow her on Instagram @followdee.

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