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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Dave Panozzo, an excellent House Hunter, is one of the 10 ten people in Phoenix for Homestay

After overcoming several failures he managed to create a successful business with his wife which is not at its peak in 2021.

They are based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Their target audience is people who want to live in suburban areas and are between the age range of 18-50 year olds. They have reached such heights by maintaining a healthy and responsive presence on social media handles which gives them an upper hand on other companies.The Panozzo team realises that the future is in social media handles more than the offline modes of advertisement. People didn’t believe in him, at one point even he didn’t believe in himself and his marriage was at a standstill.

But now, over 18 years of dedication and hard work, the couple has a client centric approach and caters to every need one might think of in the real estate business. The Panozzo team offers excellent services for buying and selling of property and soon, he will be featured in HDTV House Hunters show! He has been in the army, in a car company, different businesses but wherever he tried to succeed, he failed. With astonishing grit and dedication, he built this business along with his wife where now they are reaching new goals every day!

“Bringing you the American Dream” is one of his three most important promises to his clients and mind you, he fulfills them. He sets an example where however life may take you, you should have a never give up attitude and try to make the best of every opportunity you can think of. As the famous saying goes, if one door closes, God opens another one and who to look forward to than Dave Panozzo himself. He rose from the ashes and established his right over the estate business like a pro. He advises all the people who want success to adopt a no nonsense attitude when it comes to work, have a client centric approach and have patience.

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