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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

All you need is skills, hard work, and discipline: Alfred E. Nickson

Alfred E. Nickson is the name on everybody’s lips when it comes to succeeding as a network marketer. Alfred has found tremendous success working as a seven-figure success coach for the last six years, coaching people through workshops and seminars on how to make the most out of their current financial situations so that they can build and grow their wealth. He has proudly created 100+ six and seven-figure earners and that number is continually growing.

People who work with Alfred know exactly what to expect, to take their lives to the next level. Alfred has a lot of profound advice to share with the upcoming generation of entrepreneurs.

All you need is skills, hard work, and discipline

You don’t need a long list of paper degrees to achieve success in business. College students are encouraged to get into deep holes of debts. As adults, they inherit bad credit from their youthful days and will spend most of their life paying it back.

You must train yourself to see your journey through to achieving your goals and vision. Get ready for the long and bumpy ride, and dedicate yourself to seeing it through to the end.

Know your “WHY”

Have a vision that guides you every time you wake up. See yourself achieving your goals and attack your day with that zeal

Believing in the big reason why you started a business or joined a company will help you stay committed throughout the trying years.

Embrace the process

Follow all the procedures laid down in your path to achieve your full growth and success.

“For you to graduate from college, you have to go through all four years of reading and studying. If you put that same energy in network marketing, you will graduate as well.”

Even though there will be ups and downs, you have to grow and become more mature through the process to be able to see the opportunities in your failure.

Invest in personal growth and development

Alfred is very big on personal development.

“You have to develop as a person because the universe is only going to pay you for who you become as a person,”

Even when you are not making a lot of money at the beginning of your journey, start celebrating the small wins and embrace where you are at that point in time.

Build Relationships

A significant factor that contributed to the success of Alfred was building relationships.

“The reason we have been able to see such a high number and become the number 1 recruiting company is because of the relationship we have built”

Many budding network marketers make the mistake of thinking they have to go the long mile to succeed. You don’t need to rewrite the entire script. In many cases, you could spend years trying to do that and hardly make any progress. Let people realize what’s in it for them, and not the other way round.

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