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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Nortepuro: A unique personal project for the unique urban necessities of the youth

The brand has developed rapidly and earned a growing number of clientele targeting a national and international young audience.

The kind of massive growth and incredible momentum a few projects, platforms, and brands have created thus far across a myriad of industries is truly a sight to behold, looking at how a few professionals, mostly from the younger brigade, have been exceeding boundaries to make their mark as unique business owners of unique brands that can stay unique forever for varied reasons. Standing this distinctive is a brave personal project named Nortepuro, which is focused on serving the young audience around the world to cater to their urban needs in rap, graffiti, motor world, urban aesthetics, and so much more with a potential market both national and international.

The young founder behind the brand says that Nortepuro is like a commitment to the urban world. He recalls how for not working under someone else and becoming his own boss, he focused on enhancing his hobbies and his creativity so that it could turn into his own project. It is a project that is related to music, graphic art, fashion, and a certain way of understanding life. The project developed, taking inspiration from the urban world.

As a growing business, Nortepuro has been fulfilling the demands of a young clientele, offering them varied products and services that have an alternative taste and exuding the attitude of being rebellious that differentiates it from the traditional stores. Honesty, genuine products and services, and transparency is at the core of the company, which has put it on a growth pedestal. The ideas and visions behind Nortepuro come from the urban crowd, who are born with great ideas. The founder and his team only observe and learn about the same by connecting with people and companies from all over the world.

Nortepuro (@nortepuro) was created out of the love of the hobbies of its founder. Currently, he is planning to expand the scope of the business and its potential market. His business has been flourishing and how focusing on targeting the urban crowd with services and products like urban aesthetics, rap, graffiti, motor world, etc.

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