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Vancouverites complain after garbage collection stopped amid the frigid breeze


Key takeaways: 

  • The city of Vancouver and Recycle B.C. state freezing climate poses challenges for trucks, commitment to catch up shortly.
  • A grey bin for glass recycling out for collection after normal pickup was postponed in Vancouver due to a winter snowstorm.

The regular garbage collection stopped due to freezing temperatures: 

Vancouver citizens are complaining to the city in droves after garbage collection services were stopped amid the current chilly snap, with some waste bins not unloaded for almost a month.

An unusually long spell of winter climate saw centimetres of snow throughout the city in late December, with constant snowfall just recently being replaced by the province’s standard persistent rain.

The quantity of snow on the ground directed the city to stop garbage collection on two days, Dec. 30 and 31, according to Albert Shamess, director of garbage management at the City of Vancouver.

“What happens in Vancouver when we geinheavy snow … is the laneways, where the majority of our garbage is collected, freeze come icy and dangerous,” he informed Gloria Macarenko, host of CBC’s On The Coast. Source –

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The people of Vancouver complain as the collection of garbage is stopped due to the cold snap

“The last thing you want is an icy lane where there’s a 10-ton truck gliding down and slamming into individuals’ cars and garages.”  Source –

Shamess states the city is still recreating catchup, with about “two or three per cent” of the city yet to be covered as of Tuesday.

He states the rather warmer climate and rain presently striking the city would aid teams to empty all the bins soon.

“This weekend with a difference of conditions, and the frost hopefully going, we’ll be in good shape by the end of the weekend.” Source –

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