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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

B.C. schools pass improved safety steps as students with particular requirements return to classes


Key takeaways: 

  • In-person education is delayed till Jan. 10 for most students.
  • Most academies in Surrey had rarer than 20 students in attendance on Monday.

Offline studies to be delayed after covid cases spike: 

Advocates for kids with particular requirements are concerned about potential school shutdowns in B.C. due to team lacks if COVID-19 transmission resumes rising.

The previous week, the region declared a phased approach to returning from the winter break, with schools opening for kids of important workers and those with particular needs on Jan. 3 or 4 as scheduled.

Most students in B.C. will be remaining home for another week, but student advocate Tracy Humphries states returning to class is necessary for kids with special needs.

“Children with disabilities have different needs than other kids, and in some cases, being in person is the only option that works for them in terms of school and safety-wise,” stated the executive director of BCEdAccess, a group that advocates for students with disabilities and complex learners. Source –

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BC schools impose new safety measures as students with needs require a return to school

She states this also involves kids whose families stumble with food insecurity.

Humphries states because the number of students presently attending school in person is so small it’s more comfortable to keep physical distancing. 

The superintendent of the Surrey Schools stated most schools in the neighbourhood had rarer than 10 students in class Monday and none had more than 19 students in attendance.

“Many of the enhanced safety measures are measures that we’ve had before,” stated Jordan Tinney.”Things like still making certain that the classroom is utilised to the grandest extent possible, that students are kept apart, making sure everybody is indeed wearing their masks, back to no assemblies or meetings.” Source –

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