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Wildfire burns in northwestern B.C. day after fire prohibition introduced


Key takeaways: 

  • Northern B.C. got an early bite of the coming blaze season this weekend.
  • Kitwanga citizen Jacob Beaton filmed a nearby wildfire drone footage before emergency units responded.

A wildfire is burning in northern B.C. soon after a fire prohibition. 

A chopper and numerous units were required to get a grass fire under control close to the village of Kitwanga, approximately 90 kilometers northeast of Terrace, on Saturday. The fire led to a brief shutdown of Highway 37.

Kitwanga citizen Jacob Beaton spotted the fire and captured drone footage before emergency teams responded.

“It was shockingly big and right in the middle of our community,” he said. 

Beaton states it’s been weeks since he’s seen any rain on his farm.

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A wildfire is burning in northern B.C. soon after a fire prohibition

“Our previous three springs here have only been ridiculously dry; we haven’t had precipitation in weeks, which is uncommon,” he stated. “Our weather is only upside down right now. Our previous three falls have been record-setting wet seasons, and our springs have been record-setting dry seasons.”

According to the Northwest Fire Center, the 16-hectare fire is being held, with five firefighters patrolling the fire and doing mop-up work.

The blaze is assumed to be human-caused. 

A prohibition on Category 2 and 3 open fires went into impact in the Northwest Fire Centre on Friday due to high winds, dry vegetation, and low precipitation, according to Northwest Fire Centre representative Carolyn Bartos. Bartos said weather predictions indicate the province could get some rain next week.

The previous year’s wildfire season in B.C. was the third-worst on record in part burned. The season peaked much earlier than expected, with drought situations and a string of punishing heatwaves leading to widespread fire activity, including a fire that leveled the village of Lytton on June 30 and left two dead.¬†

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