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West Coast Express trains back and from Mission called off after mudslides

Key takeaways: 

  • Trains to also be affected Thursday morning, with a bus bridge being given for Mission and Port Haney.
  •  Three eastbound passages were called off Wednesday night due to a mudslide on the Canadian Pacific railroads.

Mudslides on rail tracks cancel Trains: 

Three West Coast Express journeys were called off due to a mudslide on Wednesday night, according to TransLink.

A spokesperson for the transportation authority declared a mudslide on the Canadian Pacific tracks meant trains would not be able to go east of Maple Meadows.

The West Coast Express train goes eastbound from downtown Vancouver east to Mission in the nights, with five scheduled leaving from Waterfront location.

Travellers on train No. 3, which had previously left Waterfront at 4:50 p.m. PT on Wednesday, would have to arrive at Port Coquitlam and catch a bus bridge, or short shuttle buses, the remainder of the way to Mission.

Trains Nos. 4 and 5 have been called off completely. Passengers have been known to take the SkyTrain to Coquitlam Centre station and take a bus bridge to Mission.

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“We thank our passengers for their patience and regret this inconvenience,” the spokesperson stated. Source –

TransLink stated that trains on Thursday morning, which normally run westbound from Mission, will also be affected by the mudslide.

Passengers will still be able to take the service westbound from Maple Meadows, but those in Mission and Port Haney will be given bus bridges.

The spokesperson stated the bus bridge would join customers with the SkyTrain if buses do not come in time for the catalogued departure of the West Coast Express at Maple Meadows.

The mudslide on the CP tracks comes after a third constant storm hit southwest B.C. on Wednesday, with train lines having been broken for weeks previously.

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