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Saturday, September 30, 2023

Weekend flights dropped in Prince George after de-icing equipment failure

Prince George

Key takeaways: 

  • Almost all Saturday flights were revoked.
  • Both of the de-icing trucks at the Prince George Airport are out of assistance.

Flights cancelled after de-icing equipment breaks down: 

Aviation in and out of Prince George Airport was hardly disrupted this weekend, abandoning consumers at the peak of vacation travel.

Gordon Duke, CEO and president of Prince George Airport Authority, stated both of the de-icing trucks that operate out of the airport — one leased by Air Canada and the different by WestJet — are not working. 

“This has never occurred before, where two trucks have fallen at the same time,” stated Duke.  Source –

Almost all flights organised to depart the airport on Saturday were revoked.

One of the trucks evolved ineffective earlier the previous week and is undergoing restoration. On Friday morning, the second truck’s hydraulic pump mangled due to a severe cold.

Temperatures in and near Prince George fell to –20 C and below over the weekend. 

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Prince George’s all flights were cancelled after de-icing equipment failure

Duke started the alternate part they found locally was not sufficient to make the required repair, and an alternate part was anticipated to come Sunday afternoon. 

Duke stated mechanics are on standby to have the truck back in the process by Sunday evening. 

They have confirmed an extra de-icing truck, which is anticipated to come on Monday. 

“We want to work as many flights as we can because we do know how crucial it is to individuals at this time of year they get to their destinations,” stated Duke. Source –

Abandoned in Vancouver

Derek Brandt and his wife, who journeyed to Vancouver for Brandt’s planned heart surgery at St. Paul’s Hospital, were abandoned in the city over the weekend after their Saturday flight back to Prince George was revoked. 

The flight was rescheduled for Sunday evening, but that flight has now been revoked as well. Brandt stated they have been rescheduled for another aviation on Monday.

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