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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Vying To Make Her Mark Across The World With Her A-Game As A Horse Rider And Show Jumper, Enter Equestrian Haya Mostafa

Haya is a young Egyptian equestrian who has created her own unique niche in the competitive sport and has attained tremendous accomplishments.

The kind of insane growth and the level of momentum a few industries have attained over the years can be attributed to a myriad of reasons. One includes the constant tech advancements and adoption of tech trends by professionals working across fields of the world, and another essential reason is the relentless drive, commitment, and hard work of a few professionals who believe in only giving it their best and making sure to make the most of the opportunities in their journeys to get closer to their dreams and aspirations in life. Who better than Haya Mostafa to serve as an example here as one such sporting talent in the competitive sport of horse riding, rising high as an equestrian?

Haya Mostafa says for her; success has always been a journey and not a destination that helps people develop the skills and resources they need to thrive in the same. She vies to make her presence even across the US, Africa, and the Middle East as an equestrian. She participated in the Show Jumping Cup in Germany as a top show jumper. The multiple-time winner of competitions held locally and worldwide, she has proved what she indeed possesses as a highly passionate sporting talent.

She now aims to start her own horse stable and also turn into a professional coach for many other up-and-comers in the sector who desire to be one of the top equestrians in the world. She also confesses that her efforts are also towards attracting the attention of Nayel Nassar, a well-renowned Egyptian Olympic show jumper, and collaborating with top players like him in the field to eventually work towards creating more horse riding and show jumping opportunities for other budding talents in the field.

Haya Mostafa (@haya) highlights that she became a 4x Arab champion in kickboxing from the years 2017-2019 and, since 2014, has also enjoyed doing marketing. Her first success was when she randomly joined a horse riding test, where it qualified her from school B to school A, and she won the first place. Even though she didn’t expect to participate that early, her skills and talents paid off.

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