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Vancouver police will not be executing the COVID-19 vaccine order

Key takeaways: 

  • Those who do not get shot or reveal their status will have to spend for COVID-19 testing.
  • The VPD will not be executing a COVID-19 order for its official team members and officers.

Vancouver cops will not be performing the covid-19 vaccine mandate: 

Though they will be inspired to get completely vaccinated, the Vancouver Police Department will not be completing a COVID-19 order for its civilian crew members and police.

Sgt. Steve Addison, a spokesperson for the Vancouver Police Department, spoke not completing a charge was the best plan to satisfy their staffing wants.

“Our expectation is full that all VPD staff both sworn and civilian staff members will be fully vaccinated and they will declare their vaccination by the end of this month,” stated Addison.  Source –

“However we do understand that for a variety of reasons — it could be personal reasons, it could be health reasons — that there may be some people who choose either not to get vaccinated or not to disclose their vaccination status.” Source –

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Covid-19 vaccine mandate will not be implemented by the Vancouver Police

Addison states that those who have not revealed their vaccination status will have to experience active testing “several times a month” at their price to make sure they are prepared for duty. Source –

The Vancouver Police Department’s position is a departure from other related organizations. The previous month, it became compulsory for all RCMP members and reservists to be completely vaccinated against COVID-19. The Toronto Police Service mandates vaccines, and as a consequence, 205 employees were put on outstanding leave after the vaccine mandate hit in. In B.C., there is a vaccine mandate for each healthcare worker and public servant.

Addison stated he doesn’t know how various crew members remain unvaccinated on the team. 

“We have to look for what’s best for our organization and our community and this policy meets our needs,” stated Addison, figuring that the police service lost 20 officers who have left to join the Surrey Police Department.  Source –

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