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Vancouver police charge 29-year-old male for assault on visually harmed senior 


Key takeaways: 

  • The 69-year-old victim was beaten on a crosswalk at Thurlow, Alberni roads.
  • Police say a male has been charged but not yet charged concerning the attack. 

The previous month, Vancouver police charged a 29-year-old suspect in a daytime raid on a visually damaged senior in the city’s West End neighborhood.

A representative for the police said the man has been apprehended but not yet charged in an inquiry into the March 31 attack.

“We can’t name the suspect because he hasn’t yet been formally arrested,” stated Vancouver Police Department representative Sgt. Steve Addison in an email Saturday.

The 69-year-old victim was hit without provocation on a crosswalk at Thurlow and Alberni roads, police stated earlier this month.

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Vancouver police charged a 29-year-old suspect in a daytime raid on a visually damaged senior

Addison said the probe persists, and the suspect has been released from detention. A court date for his hearing has not yet been provided. The target was walking with a cane and sporting a bright yellow, high-visibility jacket at the time of the raid but was not left with wounds, police said at the time.

The report of the attack arrives after city officials said that safety problems over the number of recent unprovoked stranger attacks have run into city hall — along with calls to offer more accommodation and mental health supports for vulnerable citizens.

On Friday, VPD’s deputy chief Howard Chow noted on Twitter that the suspect was a 29-year-old male “with a record of violent offenses and mental condition,” but said the force has just made “progress” in probing a series of stranger assaults.

“We continue to listen from people who feel less secure,” Chow tweeted Friday afternoon. “We take your problems seriously, and there’s still work to do.”

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