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Vancouver Island seniors lose $400,000 in lottery fraud, RCMP say


Key takeaways: 

  • Nanaimo couple in their late 80s revealed they had won $18.5M and a Mercedes-Benz in a complicated scam.
  • A Nanaimo, B.C., couple in their late 80s failed $400,000 after being informed they won the cash as well as a luxury vehicle. 

The lottery scam in Vancouver: 

RCMP states a couple in Nanaimo, B.C., who believed they had won almost $18 million and a luxury car in a lottery was instead scammed out of nearly $400,000.

A report from police says the couple, who are both in their late 80s, was reached by phone early the previous year.

They were informed they had won $18.5 million and a Mercedes-Benz but would have to spend administrative expenses to collect.

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Seniors in Vancouver lose $400000 in lottery scam

Over the year, police say the couple got official-looking documents and weekly rings from the swindlers requiring them to pay taxes and other costs through bank drafts sent to different addresses.

By the time police became concerned, Nanaimo Const. Gary O’Brien says the economic loss was one of the biggest they have noticed in the city.

He says the persistence of those behind the scam shows that they will not cease until “there is no more cash to give, or you figure out it is a fraud.”

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