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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Two men were apprehended for allegedly looting $45,000 value of packages


Key takeaways: 

  • The packages had high-end electronics, appliances, a bed and kid’s sports gear. 
  • Delta police officers approach about $45,000 value of confiscated robbed goods. 

Two men robbed packages from the Delta distribution facility: 

Two males have been charged for allegedly robbing load packages from a distribution facility in Delta.

In November, a delivery service warned Delta Police to suspect activity and missing loads at the distribution facility. A probe by the DPD’s Crime Reduction Unit disclosed an apparent inner theft ring implicating numerous delivery contractors. 

The probe showed police to conduct a probe warrant at a Surrey home where, on Dec. 8, officers found and took about $45,000 worth of stolen goods, including electronics, appliances and kid’s goalie shin pads. Officers state the looted things would then be resold on Facebook Marketplace.

“We know supply chains have experienced significant disruptions, in between the pandemic and then the floods. If people’s orders can make it through those hurdles, then those packages should get to their homes,” stated DPD Chief Const. Neil Dubord in a statement.

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two guys arrested for stealing $45000 worth of packages

“I’m very pleased and proud that our officers were able to secure enough evidence to shut down this theft ring, and recover the stolen deliveries.” Source –

The two men, who were charged during the investigation, have since been freed pending additional probe.

The probe resumes today as police approach the confiscated property.

Delta Police state accusations of stealing and trafficking property obtained by crime are anticipated to be delivered to Crown Counsel shortly. 

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