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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Trans Mountain pipeline to restart as icy breeze slaps flood-pounded southern B.C.


Key takeaways: 

  • Up to 15 cm of snow could gather Saturday in mountain routes of Fraser Canyon.
  • An incoming cool front will see snow gather in various flood-affected regions in the south of the region. 

Pipelines restart as snow hits already flood struck BC: 

A freezing front is set to cover much of southern B.C. with snow over the weekend, possibly improving floodwaters retreat in various communities ravaged by floods and mudslides.

Environment Canada announced a snowfall prediction for the Fraser Valley and Fraser Canyon east of Vancouver, as well as other provinces in the province’s Interior. Up to 15 centimetres of snow could gather near mountain tracks, the agency states.

Various cities in the province, including Vancouver, Surrey and Victoria, will be opening severe climate shelters throughout the weekend to help those that require space to heat up.

Armel Castellan, the alert readiness meteorologist at Environment Canada, states the incoming climate situations will be asking for drivers but might assist flood recovery works in much of southwest B.C. “The cooler conditions help stabilize the environment,” he stated. “We are seeing the conditions ameliorate.” Source –

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pipeline restarts as cold snap hits BC

Andrew Giles, of the River Forecast Centre, stated colder temperatures are expected to decrease inflow into swelled rivers and also decrease snowmelt at greater elevations.

He also stated biting temperatures in the region’s Interior would bring down the water levels of the Fraser River. 

More peaceful river situations would permit floodwaters to decrease in low-lying regions like the Sumas Prairie province of Abbotsford, southeast of Vancouver, which continues swamped after record-breaking rains amid November.

The north part of the province was held off an evacuation order on Friday as part of the city’s “return home” plan, but most of the region’s citizens continue away from their houses. Source –

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