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The woman says she was scammed nearly $7K by a fake taxi operation


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  • RCMP say they have got eight reports of the fraud, in which a young man requests help with the fare.
  • Richmond RCMP is cautioning people to look for a white Toyota Camry with a white taxi symbol on the roof that they say is part of a fraud operation presently happening in the city.

Mindy Zimmering was heading to a Richmond, B.C., dollar shop Tuesday evening when she chose to be a Good Samaritan and assist a young man who came to her in the parking lot and said he didn’t have sufficient for a taxi fare.

She says her excellent deed was completed with nearly $7,000 in defrauding charges on her debit card, making her one of a handful of targets of an elaborate fraud happening in the city.

Richmond RCMP released a public notice on April 22 to save others from Zimmering’s future.

On Monday, police gave a second notice to emphasize the scam’s gravity.

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She was one of a handful of targets of an elaborate fraud happening in the city.

According to police, there have been at least eight statements since April 22 of a man approaching individuals in busy parking lots requesting help with a cab fare.

After the victim decides to support, a fake taxi arrives, and the driver, who is in on the fraud, says he can only take debit cards, and the tap function doesn’t work on his device. He then takes the card and acts to make a transaction, has the victim enter their PIN, then gives them back a distinct card.

Zimmering said she was given back a debit card that looked precisely like her own and did not think anything was wrong.

She says she knew of the fraudulent charges when her bank contacted her. By then, five illicit transactions totaling nearly $6,900 had been made, including the withdrawal of $2,500 in money.

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