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The firm indicted for killing much fish in West Vancouver creek charged


Key takeaways: 

  • Keller Foundations Ltd. was doing work for the Ministry of Transportation during the 2018 fish extinction.
  • Nearly 76 dead cutthroat trout were seen at Larson Creek in West Vancouver in April 2018. 

Four years after a happening that murdered 76 cutthroat trout in a West Vancouver stream, a contractor working for the Ministry of Transportation is facing charges under the Federal Fisheries Act.

Keller Foundations Ltd. has been set with depositing a harmful substance concerning April 30, 2018, fish deaths.

John Barker was president of West Vancouver Streamkeepers, which enabled the development and sustaining of best practices for protecting stream habitat. He said he was surprised to see the dead fish littering the banks of Larson Creek, close to Gleneagles Golf Course.

“It was a crushing letdown to us,” said Barker on Tuesday. 

“It’s difficult to believe anything surviving the plume went through.”

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a happening that murdered 76 cutthroat trout in a West Vancouver stream

He said even the worms in the creek were killed, and he had doubts the trout would be able to recover from the destruction.

The Ministry of Transportation stated the incident resulted from “a pressure test on some tools using clean water and then disposing of the water within the project site.”

“The water suddenly caused deterioration which infiltrated the ground and forced turbid water to flow beneath the surface to a nearby culvert and then enter Larson Creek,” said the ministry. The accusations against Keller Foundations Ltd. were declared April 5 and filed in the North Vancouver regional court.

Barker, who has since given up the part of West Vancouver Streemkeepers president, persisted in closely following the case, checking in with the fisheries operative assigned to the point almost every month.

“We expected charges to be laid. It wasn’t like there was a mystery where it might have happened,” he said. “It’s just a sad thing that happened.”

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