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The Canadian flag at convoy demonstrations raises feelings of pride, rage


Key takeaways: 

  • The flag is waved in pride at Olympic games but as a symbol of demonstration in Canada.
  • A convoy of supporters of the national ‘Freedom Convoy’ go through Kelowna, B.C., on Saturday, Jan. 29, 2022.

Canadian flag a sentiment of pride and rage: 

The Canadian flag is mixing up varied feelings these days.

While it’s being waved as a reference of national pride at the Olympic Games or World Cup qualifiers, it’s also a familiar view at anti-mandate rallies throughout the nation. 

That paradox pushes the problem for individuals like Bill Stinson of West Kelowna, B.C.

“I used to be able to show pride in my nation by flying our flag,” he noted in an email to CBC. “Our flag has now become a sign of the so-called ‘freedom’ protesters who have plagued Ottawa. Source –

 You see lots of supporters locally who are flying the flag from cars and trucks.” Source –

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Canadian flags are sentiments of pride and anger

But those who believe in the protest say the flag makes total sense.

“The use of our flag is right,” Dave Johnston of Gray Creek stated in an email. Source –

“This is a battle for our nation and liberty to live our lives free from government pressure. It’s time individuals wake up and see where we are leading and change the system to appreciate our rights.”

Experts tell the flag represents freedom to voice perspectives, as long as it’s done peacefully and doesn’t cause damage to others. That has individuals of all faiths — they can convey their views, as long as they aren’t spreading hostility.

“Some individuals are going to be helping the way the flag is being utilized in the protest, and some people are going to be hurt by it because flags have so much symbolism bound to them,” Queen’s University public policy teacher Kathy Brock described Chris Walker, the broadcaster of CBC’s Daybreak South. Source –

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