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Storage-buyers in Abbotsford feel pricked after the firm rejects settlement for flood-casualties


Key takeaways: 

  • BigSteelBox’s storage yard was flooded around Sumas Prairie region, states 20% of buyers at yard impacted.
  • B.C. Buyers are blaming the firm for not providing settlement after their storage yard was soaked.

BC buyers blame the firm for not giving the compensation: 

Some buyers at a storage facility in Abbotsford, B.C., state they feel tricked after the facility was impacted by historic floods and they were not supplied with any settlement.

BigSteelBox, a B.C.-based firm that delivers storage in shipping containers, states its Abbotsford yard was impacted by overall flooding in mid-November. 

The yard is uncovered near the low-lying Sumas Prairie region, which was destroyed by floodwaters after a string of drastic storms.

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BC’s Abbotsford’s storage customers feel furious after the firm denied compensation for flood devastations

Only around 20 per cent of the containers in the yard were impacted, according to the firm. BigSteelBox directed impacted buyers to insurance providers and government flood relief, not supplying any settlement.

Katherine James, who lost many of her late father’s possessions in the firm’s flooded trunks, states that buyers were never meant the storage yard was constructed on a floodplain.

“I got furious,” she stated. “It didn’t matter whether we had insurance or not — it wasn’t going to cover it. We attempted going to the government relief page. We got told we’re not covered.” Source –

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