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State of emergency in Sunshine Coast’s sinkhole community terminates after three years


Key takeaways: 

  • Provincial officials declined to extend the measure following a court ruling last month.
  • The regional government has chosen not to extend a provincial state of emergency in Sechelt’s Seawatch community, following a B.C. Supreme Court judgment that the extensions — which had been approved every seven days for about three years — are illegal.

The government decides not to grow Seawatch’s state of emergency: 

A state of provincial emergency continued weekly for nearly three years in the sinkhole-riddled Seawatch neighborhood in the District of Sechelt has completed.

The state of emergency was announced on Feb. 15, 2019, as the neighborhood was called to evacuate hastily, leaving 14 expensive ocean-view residences above Sechelt Inlet on the Sunshine Coast north of Metro Vancouver cleared and virtually valueless.

“As far as Seawatch is involved, they just threw us out of there and put a barrier in front and put a lock on it and left and forgot about us,” stated Chris Moradian, who was one of the citizens forced to vacate his home. Source –

He and his household moved in with his in-laws in Vancouver, where they’ve been ever since the shock evacuation directive was issued to save citizens from landslides and to shift house foundations.

“It was a form of confusion, state of shock, treason,” he told of the order. “Just in a case of moments, your entire life savings disappeared in front of you.” Source –

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Sinkhole warnings were issued in Sunshine coast ended after three years

B.C. Supreme Court judgment

The previous month, Justice Geoffrey Gomery judged that the state of regional emergency, or SOLE, had been illegal since May 2019 — three months after it was initially announced.

“The constant renewal of the SOLE has supplied an excuse for inactivity on the part of the district and the region,” wrote Gomery in his judgment. Source –

“In the absence of any other information or developments, the possibilities can no longer reasonably be characterized as an emergency,” he noted. Source –

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