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Solidarity, prayers, and grants: British Columbians persist to offer support for Ukraine


Key takeaways: 

  • Athletes at B.C. The place held Ukrainian flags while people mobilized across the region.
  • People listened while speakers at a protest in downtown Vancouver Sunday asked the global community to do better to help Ukraine as Russian military forces went on some cities.

British Columbians offer help to Ukrainians: 

Athletes at B.C. The place had Ukrainian flags, individuals mobilized across the region, and others made contributions over the weekend to help Ukraine as it meets continued invasions by Russia.

Displays of solidarity on Saturday and Sunday are the most recent instances of how people in British Columbia have been attempting to offer help and support for people in Ukraine since the full-scale attack started on Feb. 24.

Almost 229,000 British Columbians have Ukrainian origin, according to the 2016 census, making up five percent of the region’s population, more than the Canadian average.

Approximately 130,000 individuals in the region have Russian ancestry.

This weekend, Russian armies persisted in bombing Ukrainian cities, and the number of people moved from the nation rose to 1.4 million.

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British Columbians offer support to Ukraine

At B.C. Place in Vancouver on Saturday, a player individually from the Vancouver Whitecaps and New York City F.C. held a Ukrainian flag onto the field as part of a pre-game ceremony indicating backing for the embattled nation. At the same time, individuals in the crowd also displayed pro-Ukrainian banners.

‘They are taking power’

In Richmond on Saturday, hundreds of people assembled at City Hall to listen to lectures, wave Ukrainian flags, and ask for an end to the war in Ukraine.

Eugene Lupynis with the Ukrainian Community Society of Ivan Franko in Richmond told continued protests like this across B.C. are making a distinction.

“The majority of Ukrainians in Canada have family back in Ukraine, and what we’ve seen and through discussions with our families, they are seeing videos and photos on social media of protests globally, and they are taking power from these rallies and knowing that the world is with them in this war.”

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