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Ski resort operator requests B.C. government to reopen highway for non-essential roving

Key takeaways: 

  • Big White Ski Resort noticed a raise in recalls among uncertain travel restrictions in the following weeks.
  • Officials with Big White Ski Resort need the region to open Highway 3 for a non-essential trip to restrict recalls from out-of-town guests.

Ski Resort asks government to open Highway 3 for non-essential travel: 

Highway closings in B.C. are building contingency for vacation tourists, which is creating concern for an Okanagan ski resort that was fixed to get an inrush of guests across the vacations.

Michael Ballingall, senior vice-president at Big White Ski Resort in Kelowna, stated there had been almost 170 recalls through the resort’s central reservation system as of Sunday morning — and extra were splashing in. 

He stated people who had intended to travel to the Interior from the Lower Mainland want assurance about their vacation plans, and with road restrictions and closings in flux, it’s tough to foretell what the condition will be in several weeks. 

Highways in B.C. continue restricted as the critical climate remains to hit the region, delaying the distribution of goods and help everywhere B.C. 

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Floodwaters have forced evacuations and damaged houses and farmland, taking farmers hundreds of millions of dollars in loss. 

Highway 5, the central route between the Interior and the Lower Mainland, could start as quick as the end of January, however, renovations to the road are climate dependent. 

“It’s a terrible blow to our economy because it’s not just the accommodation, it’s the lift tickets, the restaurants, the sleigh rides, it’s the skating parties, it’s the tubing parties, purchasing equipment, renting equipment, private ski lessons, private snowboard lessons,” Ballingall stated. Source –

“The economy of any ski resort starts with the rental of accommodation, but once someone’s in a resort, they’re on holiday, they spend up to three to four times more than a local when arriving for the day, or sleeping in a friend’s or family’s condo on the mountain.” Source –

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