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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Serious rain, climbing temperatures could indicate floods on Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island


Key takeaways: 

  • River Forecast Centre states regions that underwent flooding the previous year may be more vulnerable.
  • Vancouver Island and Lower Mainland are at risk of rain and temp. 

The agency warns flood alerts for Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island: 

The agency that surveys British Columbia’s waterways is alerting of “minor to considerable flooding'” on B.C.’s Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island as warming temperatures and constant rain melt heavy snow. Source –

The River Forecast Centre states in a high streamflow advisory that a considerable weather pattern change will happen this week and drive immediate rises in creeks and rivers, particularly at low and mid-elevation watersheds on the coast.

Rivers are predicted to start growing Tuesday and probably peak Wednesday or Thursday, however, the storms are still several days away so the same location and power of the most serious rainfall are still pending.

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Heavy rain, rising temps could mean floods on Vancouver Island and Lower Mainland

It states regions that underwent flooding the previous year may be more vulnerable, due to erosion and other circumstances.

However, it also states it will be warmer than November’s dangerous atmospheric river events and the storm system will probably add to the already well-developed snowpack at more increased elevations.

Although the advisory cautions that flooding could be effective, the forecasting centre also represents a high streamflow advisory as one in which “no major flooding is anticipated.” “The public is urged to stay clear of the fast-flowing rivers and potentially dangerous riverbanks during the high streamflow period,” it states. Source –

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