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Reuse B.C. urges people to have glass containers, foam packaging at residence

Key takeaways: 

  • Several roadways heading from the Interior to the Lower Mainland recycling purposes are too broken to be utilised. 
  • Recycle B.C. has ceased collecting glass containers and foam packaging, indicating difficulties in sending the supplies to departments whose paths have been destroyed by floods and mudslides.

Recycle BC orders residents to keep plastic bottles and foam at home: 

Recycle B.C. is urging people over the region to continue to some of their recycling, due to difficulties moving the materials to their limited destination across roadways that have been destroyed by floods. 

The B.C. non-profit held for the recycling of household trash states, as of this week, it has discontinued the collection of non-deposit glass containers and jars, as well as Styrofoam packaging from its bases. It is also suspending the number of all glass bottles and jars from curbside and multi-family collection abilities.

Recycle B.C. has 36 bearing facilities for recyclable elements placed over the region but has only two key matter recovery facilities — placed in Richmond and New Westminster — the destinations for most of the obtained substances.

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Stock replacement facilities make recycled material for end-use producers.

According to DriveBC, various parts of main roads joining the Lower Mainland with the remaining of the region, remain blocked due to severe destruction created by flooding and mudslides.

“The road closures have compromised transportation corridors that we would traditionally use to move materials from a receiving facility in your area down to the Lower Mainland and then to markets [for glass],” Recycle B.C. spokesperson Dave Lefebvre said host Chris Walker Tuesday on CBC’s Daybreak South. Source –

“In addition, those road ends have also really limited the number of trucks that are available to transport materials.” Source –

“The place that we would send glass to … was seriously impacted by the flooding,” Lefebvre stated. Source –

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