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Ottawa, Alberta extend the agreement for a $10-a-day child care

Key takeaways: 

  • Alberta parents could be financing about half as many payments by the coming year. 
  • Alberta reaches the deal of child care. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Alberta Premier Jason Kenney declare a child-care announcement in Edmonton on Monday: 

A political impasse over child-care financing ended Monday as the Alberta and federal Liberal Government secured a $3.8-billion, five-year financing deal. 

After banishing the federal government’s vow to slash the rates and upgrade the quality of early boyhood education as too “cookie-cutter,” Alberta’s United Conservative Party government has accepted a project that must produce new 42,500 latest managed non-profit and day home spaces for totals by 2026.¬† Source –

“This is massive news for families, and it’s yet another instance of how governments work together to deliver in real, tangible ways for individuals,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stated in a central Edmonton recreation centre, as preschoolers played in the backdrop.¬†Source –

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Like most other deals the federal government has so far inked with regions, the federal investment must replace by half of the price of licensed child safety for children age six and under beginning in Jan, Alberta Children’s Services Minister Rebbeca Schulz stated. 

The average price of that safety will be $10 a day by 2026, she stated. 

the current money will flow straight to existing daycares, both personal and non-profit. Schulz stated families who earn up to $180,000 an annum would qualify for subsidies during the upcoming two years. The present subsidy cut off is a $75,000 household salary. 

The region will also traitors allow as an inducement to produce more hard-to-find child care, including newborn spaces. centres in rural zones., and around-the-clock care for stint labours. 

Should the governments strongly produce the promised child-care spaces, it would be a 29 per cent rise from the nearly 147,000 licensed spaces now functioning. 

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