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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

One dead, 13-wounded after semi-trailer crashes with a bus on B.C. highway

Key takeaways: 

  • RCMP states 13 additional people were wounded in the event, which closed a section of Highway 16. 
  • An extent of Highway 16 is shut west of McBride, B.C., near the Alberta border after a semi-trailer crashed with a coach bus.
  • Paramedics state 13 people proceeded to the clinic with wounds. 

Crash near Highway 16:

The driver of a semi-trailer is dead after the vehicle crashed with a bus on Highway 16 west of McBride, B.C., close to the Alberta border, policemen state. Thirteen additional people were sent to the clinic with wounds.

B.C. Emergency Health Services (BCEHS) states calls were made to 911 at almost 1:20 p.m. PT for a multi-vehicle occurrence north of McBride near the Goat River Bridge on Highway 16, which is approximately 800 kilometres northeast of Vancouver. The collision site is quite outside the region that has lately been struck by mudslides and flooding.

Police stated firefighters also hurried to the scene after both wheels were reportedly covered in fires.

Social media posts from the site seem to show wheels on fire on the snowy highway.

RCMP stated the driver of the semi-trailer was affirmed dead at the site.

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Nine bus travellers and the driver of the bus were taken to the hospital to be healed for wounds. Police stated the wounds varied from lesser to severe.

Three extra bus travellers were taken to the hospital by a witness.

Police and BCEHS stated one person of these 13 was transported to a higher city hospital for medication.

Lost control

Inspectors said the semi-trailer was driving eastbound on Highway 16 and lost control. The wheels hit the bus, which was going westbound.

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