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Numerous B.C. ranchers affected by wildfires and floods still haven’t obtained financial help


Key takeaways: 

  • Regional and federal governments undertook the AgriRecovery financial relief program in August.
  • Rhonda MacDonald’s Bar F.X. Ranch in Merritt, B.C., washed out in November by floods near Nicola River. 

B.C. ranchers affected by the wildfires: 

Merritt, B.C., farmer Rhonda MacDonald was struck by a double hex of wildfires and floods the previous year but has yet to obtain the financial aid sworn by the federal and regional governments.

MacDonald, who possesses Bar F.X. Ranch located between Highway 8 and the Nicola River, was one of the ranchers stumbling to save livestock while evacuating from her residence as fires raged across the B.C. Interior the previous summer.

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BC ranchers suffers after wildfires and floods hit the province and financial aid not receive yet

Most of her property — like dozens of other farms and houses located along the route — was washed out by river flooding in November to make things more destructive.

“It’s been messy, to say the least,” MacDonald told the media. “We ended up losing 20 percent of our cattle herd and finished six weeks training for the fire and attempting to round up our cattle and rolled from that right into the flood.” “There was nothing we could accomplish regarding the flooding, and within a brief span of 12 hours, we watched a lifetime of work float down the river.” Source –

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