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North Van city to probe the construction of makeshift skate park following regional turmoil


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  • The city puts aside $175K for a temporary site at Mahon Park while Lonsdale Skate Park is wasted.
  • The City of North Vancouver has considered constructing a temporary skateboard facility at Mahon Park, approximately 1.6 kilometers away from the renowned Lonsdale Skate Park demolished, to make way for the new building Harry Jerome Community Recreation Centre. 

The City of North Vancouver has chosen to explore the feasibility of a temporary skateboard park in answer to a regional skateboarding community’s offer after the one it was using was ruined.

In a meeting on Monday, the city council approved a staff recommendation to consider the feasibility of constructing a 600-square-meter makeshift skateboard facility at Mahon Park — approximately 1.6 kilometers southwest of the now permanently shut Lonsdale Skate Park — with a funding of $175,000 for the structure and construction.

The 1,500-square-metre Lonsdale Skate Park, located at the intersection of Highway 1 and Lonsdale Avenue, has been a famous spot for the provincial community.

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The City of North Vancouver has chosen to investigate the feasibility of a temporary skateboard park

The city decided to smash it in 2019 to make way for the building of an aquatics facility as part of a new Harry Jerome Community Recreation Centre project that is anticipated to be completed in 2025.

The city pledged the center would have a new skating facility but didn’t develop a replacement site before settling on March 14 to demolish the Lonsdale Skate Park. It suggested skaters use other skate parks on the North Shore, but they are all between two and 10 kilometers farther away.

Mayor’s apology for miscommunication

Frustration over a three-year wait-time for a new skating facility without a possible option started an online petition by almost 3,500 skateboarders and allies to stop the destruction of the Lonsdale Skate Park.

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