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Moderna demands Health Canada to accept its coronavirus vaccine for kids

Key takeaways: 

  • Health Canada still reviewing Pfizer-BioNTech’s registration for its vaccine for kids. 
  • On Tuesday, Health Canada got a submission requesting for acceptance of Moderna’s Vaccine for kids younger than 12. 

Moderna’s vaccine application to Health Canada: 

Moderna has requested Health Canada to accept its coronavirus vaccine, for kids six to 11 years, the department declared. 

This is the second pediatric coronavirus vaccine awaiting allowance in Canada. Health Canada is still reviewing Pfizer-BioNTech’s application for its children-sized dozes. 

Pfizer’s submission, gotten y Health Canada on Oct. 18, is for children aged five to 11. It would be one-third the proportion of the shot given to adults and kids 12 and older. 

Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine is now officially named Comirnaty while Moderna’s coronavirus is marketed under the name Spikevax. 

The previous week, Health Canada’s chief medical adviser stated the organization’s review of the pediatric Pfizer vaccine must be completed within one or two weeks. 

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A press release released by Health Canada on Tuesday didn’t give any specific info about Moderna’s pediatric kind of vaccine, but the firm’s clinical tests for kids utilized two dozes, given a month apart, that were each half the proportion of its adult dozes. 

Moderna’s booster dozed for grown-ups are also half dozes. 

In its release, Health Canada stated it would “prioritize” its review of Moderna’s submission, as it does with all covid-19 vaccines, “while maintaining its high scientific standards for safety, efficacy and quality.” 

“Health Canada will only authorize the utilization of Spikevax in children if its independent and thorough scientific review of the data in the submission shows that the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the risks in this age group,” the release stated.  Source –

“The assessment will feature a detailed review of clinical test results, as well as other evolving data and information about the health impacts of COVID-19 and variants of worry on children in Canada.”   Source –

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