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Metro Vancouver mayors request the region for more grants for affordable accommodation


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  • The plea comes as the Ministry of Jobs says 100,000 more people will move to B.C. in 2021.
  • Metro Vancouver mayors are asking for regional and federal grants for more affordable housing in the province.

Metro Vancouver mayors are requesting the regional government to help offer more affordable accommodation in the province.

During the mayors’ committee meeting on April 6, Burnaby Mayor Mike Hurley said that the committee wanted $190 million in funding money from both the regional and federal governments. The funds would go toward Metro Vancouver’s 10-year housing plan, which Hurley states will offer a “significant contribution” to the housing problem by adding 2,000 new and redeveloped units to the province.

Housing Minister David Eby says an “eternal appetite” for regional and federal help for affordable housing. However, he stated that one of his main problems was receiving faster approval from provincial governments to make—cities and municipalities required to work with regional and federal governments to satisfy housing goals.

The plea comes as Statistics Canada released data that day revealing that over 100,000 people moved to the region in 2021, the highest yearly total since 1961.

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Metro Vancouver mayors are requesting the regional government to help

Eby says these numbers are already worsening the housing situation. The ministry hopes they will “stay at that level or even increase,” especially as the region readies to take migrants from Ukraine.

 He says he intends to tackle the problem collaboratively with Municipal Affairs Minister Nathan Cullen and municipal leaders.

“Metro Vancouver is a wonderful place to discuss this because this is a regional problem,” Eby said.

“Regional growth is bursting, and… we need to reply at a provincial level.”

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