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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Man killed in B.C. mudslide utilised decisive minutes to rescue his mom

Key takeaways: 

  • Brett Diederichs, 36, was mopped on in a landslide that damaged section of Highway 99.
  • Brett Diederichs has been missing since he was mopped on in a landslide on Highway 99 south of Lillooet, B.C., throughout the rainstorm and mudslides in November 2021. 

Brett Diederichs dies in BC mudslides: 

Brett Diederichs’s final words were uttered in the form the sister states he spoke during his entire life: to assist someone else.

Diederichs, 36, was standing on the central highway outside of Lillooet, B.C., with his mom when he recognised a mudslide was rushing down the hillside over them. In a second, he yelled at his mother.

“They heard an intense, loud rumble. The ground shook. The last thing my mom remembers is my brother screaming, ‘Mom, get back in your car.’ Which she did, just in the nick of time,” Kirsten Diederichs, Brett’s older sister, stated in an interview Wednesday. Source –

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“My brother just couldn’t make it back. He was immediately lost.” Source –

The Diederichs family has recognised Brett, a qualified paramedic and well-known figure in Toronto’s restaurant scene, as the fifth person deemed to have been hit by a landslide Nov. 15 in a region of B.C.’s Highway 99 known as the Duffey Lake Road.

The hill moved away during one of the worst rainstorms the region has witnessed in decades, giving a dash of mud and debris directly into the cars and people on the way below.

By a wonder, Kirsten stated, Brett’s mom and spouse weren’t hurt.

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