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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Man, 52, dies from wounds after being crushed in the recycling truck


Key takeaways: 

  • Police state the man had been sleeping in an unlocked dumpster.
  • Penticton RCMP said a 52-year-old man passed Thursday after being wounded while pursuing shelter in a recycling dumpster. 

Wednesday, a 52-year-old man resting in a recycling dumpster had died of wounds sustained when a truck came to collect it.

Penticton RCMP stated the driver of a large recycling collection truck phoned 911 just after 6 a.m. Wednesday when he heard yelling coming from the back of the truck.

The open recycling dumpster, which the collection truck picked up with the guy in it, had been left in the back of the vehicle, which moved to compact the load, according to police.

Mounties stated the victim was inadvertently crushed in operation.

The victim was brought to the hospital

Emergency teams were able to release the man from the truck. He was taken to the hospital for medical treatment with what cops called life-threatening wounds.

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52-year-old man resting in a recycling dumpster had died of wounds

On Thursday, police stated the man had died.

“It does not seem the male was the victim of crime,” RCMP stated. “The B.C. Coroners Service runs its own, the parallel fact-finding probe into the demise.”

‘Sad event’

Demises of this type are not unusual. Others have died while pursuing shelter in recycling bins or clothes donation bins.

Police question anyone with details about what officers define as a “tragic event” to contact 250-492-4300.

A new provincially-funded shelter is set to open in Penticton. The city had earlier brought a case against the region for deciding to continue to operate a shelter it wanted to be shut.

The city settled the lawsuit after the region declared it would shift the location of the new shelter.

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