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Kicking Horse Canyon stretch of Hwy 1 shutting for a month for construction


Key takeaways: 

  • The alternative way will take an extra hour and a half for drivers.
  • The building will enhance a four-kilometer stretch of Highway 1 through Kicking Horse Canyon east of Golden, B.C. 

The Kicking Horse Canyon stretch of Highway 1 east of Golden, B.C., will be shut for a month after Easter weekend for building.

The area will be shut from noon on Tuesday, April 19, until May 20, simply before the May weekend. 

Drivers will be redirected south at Golden to Radium Hot Springs, then back to the highway through Kootenay National Park. 

The construction is a portion of the fourth and final stage of the Kicking Horse Canyon project, which will upgrade the highway unit from two to four lanes, make more room for cyclists, and mitigate rockfall and avalanche risks. 

Project director Mike Lorimer said the alternative path would add about an hour-and-a-half for drivers. 

“We realize the inconvenience to all road users … what we hold to keep in view is this work will, in the long run, make a much more securer and more dependable highway,” said Lorimer. 

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The Kicking Horse Canyon stretch of Highway 1 east of Golden, B.C., will be shut for a month

Lorimer said they prepared the shutdown not to impact the Easter or May long weekends. 

Presently, the highway area is under construction while also open to traffic, with overnight shutdowns from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. and 30-minute stoppages. 

According to Lorimer, the month-long shutdown is required for work that requires maximum highway use. 

“We’ve got some of the most difficult terrains; we’re very restrained; we’ve got CP Rail right below us,” he stated. 

Lorimer cautioned drivers not to try to make up for lost time on their journey by speeding. 

“Speeding and dangerous driving behavior will not make you catch up on time. Program for the extra hour-and-a-half, enjoy the drive through the peaks.”

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