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Interior Health sues to close down gym disobeying COVID-19 health mandates


Key takeaways: 

  • The suit contends Iron Energy Gym declines to request clients to show vaccine cards or wear masks inside.
  • The gym faces penalties and a case for violating COVID-19 mandates and regulations.

Coronavirus mandates breached by gym: 

The health authority in B.C.’s Interior has filed a case in expectancies of closing down a gym in Kelowna, B.C., that has disregarded several public health rulings over the previous several months.

Interior Health declared Iron Energy Gym has regularly violated directives about masks and vaccine passports and the ruling to close down entirely during the Omicron surge.

“The defendants have and are persisting in contravening the closure order, the public health edicts deliberately, and the Public Health Act,” read the fuss filed Tuesday in B.C. Supreme Court. Source –

“The behavior of the defendants is, among other things, setting the health and safety of the public at serious trouble.” Source –

The gym has not replied to the claim in court but has been open on social media and in interviews regarding its resistance to public health directives limiting fitness facilities.

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Gym forced to close down as Interior health sues for disobeying mandates

“Of course, we’re going to oppose this, and of course, we’re not backing down,” owner Brian Mark stated in an Instagram live published Wednesday after the gym was filled with the lawsuit.  Source –

“This is simply adding fuel to the fire.” Source –

The gym has a history of ignoring orders, the lawsuit says

The lawsuit points to what it defines as months of defiance by the gym, beginning with refusing gym members to reveal their vaccine cards after the need started in September.

It told the gym also overlooked the order around indoor masks after it was reinstated in early December.

Tensions got a high point after that month after the region ordered fitness facilities across the area to shut.

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